"It's about continually striving to build better communities, to improve everyone's lifestyle."   



In keeping his promise to provide fair and equal representation Greg has focussed his parliamentary work on issues directly affecting rural people.

Greg has taken the initiative on four occasions by sponsoring and chairing Parliamentary Select Committees on:

  • Conservation issues on private land
  • The River Clyde irrigation enquiry
  • Land use planning schemes
  • Ashley Youth Justice and Detention

Greg has also gained the confidence of his Parliamentary colleagues who have elected Greg as Deputy President of the Legislative Council and Chair of Committees.

Past Parlimentary Committee work has included:

  • 2011
    Legislative Council – Public Sector Executive Appointments Select Committee
    Legislative Council Estimates Committee
    Public Works Committee
    Environment, Resources and Development Committee
    Select Committee Violence in the Community
    Government Business Scrutiny
  • 2010
    Legislative Council Road Safety
    Environment, Resources and Development Committee
    Government Business Scrutiny
    Estimates Committee
    Island Transport Services Committee
    Public Works Committee
  • 2009
    Select Committee Ethical Conduct
    Government Business Scrutiny Committee
    Estimates Committee
    Public Works Committee
  • 2008
    Select Committee Surrogacy
    Select Committee Gene Technology in Primary Industries
    Legislative Council Estimates
    Legislative Council Government Business Enterprises Scrutiny
    Public Works Committee
  • 2007
    Select Committee on Planning Schemes as Chair;
    Select Committee on Ashley, Youth Justice & Detention as Chair and
    Joint Standing Committee on Environment, Resources and Development

Greg has established his leadership as an independent parliamentarian and his understanding of the workings of government make him an effective spokesman for the people of Western Tiers.



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